The first Enduro Greek Series (EGS) race for 2021 in Chios starts on May 29/30. “Chios Enduro MTB” is a fact and will definitely leave an era !! The routes where we will test our strength are located above the village of ‘’Tholopotami’’ with terrain for strong riders. Our route starts from the settlement of ‘’Sklavia’’ to pass through the cobbled alleys of the village ‘’Tholopotami’’ to reach the top of the mountain (Pr. Elias) where the view will leave you speechless!! The “Nomad and skull” trails ( – promise you small adrenaline jumps !! A little further on, the second special route named “Lizard” starts ( and ends low just outside the boot area. After a short wandering in the forest we meet the third special route called “Slave” ( For the end we left you the small but super fun ” Louki ” (, where it will definitely remind you of water slides from your childhood.

We are waiting for you to have fun together!



Contact - Panagiotis SItaras

email: - Tel:(+30) 6955422738