Four differentiating routes embedded in the extraordinary landscape of the birthplace of Zeus. 
We begin at the Minoan alpine settlement of Karfi at 
950m and end up at the golden beach village of Malia. 
Continuous changes of the natural conditions within the trails take us from outlandish and rocky to smooth and earthy, Plane and Oak tree surrounds, gnarly back roads and village rooftops, finishing with a fast and demanding decent upon an old donkey trail. 
 will compose the new race for 2021
Welcome to the new rave of E.G.S. 2021. You will undoubtedly be granted an  unforgettable race in this rich and advanced trail network, which gives a real taste of Cretan terrain, among with the support and experience of the HUB MTB (www.mtbhub.gr).


Contact - Kalogerakis Mathaios

Tel: 6936244588 e-mail : info@mtbhub.gr