Kos island is it the motherland of Hippokrates, father of modern medicine or the bike island?

The history of Kos island is long time ago associated with the bike culture. Since 1912 when Italians colonized the Dodecanese island and introduced the locals with up to date bikes and technology. The bikes where in use for commuting and everyday use.

It is obvious that everybody, from kids until old people are riding their bikes everyday until today.

Having the urban city centre organized with bikes lanes, 17 km of bike roads, 6.500 bikes available for rent and all the north side of the island flat, Kos is a bike paradise for visitors.

But this is an Enduro mountain bike race and you will be wondering about the trails and the mountains. It is the dream of a small group of friends and Riders called Mud Turtles that made it happen after the valuable help and the vision they had from the project Aegean trails. A small trail network was created since 2017 on the nearest hill just above KOS city called Sympetro.

Part of this trail network will be used for the Enduro Greek Series and the trails will be transformed with a race character and the help of Kos Cycling Association.

We invite you on the 2 nd of April to welcome Spring time in a green pine forest and enjoy speed with our souls.

Contact - Giorgos Grigoriadis

email: george_rebel@msn.com - Tel:(+30) 698-1946223