Round  3           Loggers Land  18-20 Σεπτεμβρίου

The Loggers Land enduro race will take place in the village of Stavros, renowned for it’s industrious loggers, who over the years created a vast network of trails.

The village is perched on a steep mountainside, just where the dense forest meets a more mellow terrain that levels down to the seaside. 

Combining ultra flowy, fast and technical trails, enjoyable for riders of every level, the area will keep you on your toes. Just don’t forget to drop your heels, as the singletrack carves from 850m to sea level, rumbling through a mixed vegetation of oaks, tall pines, chestnut and beech trees.

As for your friends and family, there is a great nerwork of hiking trails, the magnificent sea and of course the post training, Saturday night, live rock concert. From the top of the mountain to the sea, get ready to race in natural awesomeness!


Email: - Τηλ. Επικoινωνίας: 6949-989191